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Why commission a professional photographer?

A professional photographer will photograph the event in the highest quality and will certainly try to get everyone. All images are shot in the highest resolution (RAW) and although it is a lot more work for me, the quality is outstanding. This will also give the best quality especially if you wish to purchase poster size prints.

We can only keep covering events through your support.

Being paid to cover events would give access to all the photos taken.


All print are high quality using the most up to date Epson inks. The inks are uv protected. The lustre paper is great as it gives a glossy look without the finger prints. Metalic prints are also available and gives a metallic look to the colours are fantastic.

Digital files?

Facebook files are useless for printing and are sent at approx 200 - 300 kb. These are considered personal files.

Web files are sent at approx 400kb and are useless for printing, These are considered commercial files.

Print files are approx 5 meg and are great to print from. Larger files are available please contact me if needed. These are for personal use only.


Magazines and Media

All files are available for use. Please contact me ref cost.

can't pay bills and keep my equipment up to date with 'We'll credit the photo to you". 

I really do thank those that appreciate the amount of work and effort I put into all the events I cover, specially the ones that support me by purchasing images. It helps to pay for the next event.



All photos on this web site are copyrighted and remain the property of Joe McInally.

Purchasing of photos does not transfer the copyright. Unless stated on purchase the photos are for personal use only and may not be copied or used on Facebook or in any other media.